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SharePoint 2016 is alive and well.

Feb 03, 15 SharePoint 2016 is alive and well.

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This is rather good news. In a recent post on the Office Blogs, Julia White, general manager for the Office Product Management team, details the future roadmap of SharePoint Online and SharePoint on premise. Although the posts spends most of the time detailing Office 365 (which is the direction Microsoft are pushing), it also...

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Save publishing site as template – SharePoint 2013

Jan 22, 15 Save publishing site as template – SharePoint 2013

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We tend to use site templates an awful lot in my line of work. You can spend weeks creating the perfect site that will be reused as a basis for all site through your SharePoint farm. But in the process of creating that awesome site, you have turned the publishing feature on (still baffles me why this is off by default). So you are...

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New Avengers Trailer Arrives – Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer 2

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Build 2015 – Registration opens on January 22nd

Save the date for Microsoft’s premier developer conference. Registration opens at 9:00am PST on Thursday, January 22! The Moscone Center San Francisco, CA April 29 – May 1 See for more details and follow EmailTwitterFacebookLinkedInPocketGoogleTumblrPinterestLike...

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SharePoint 2013 Vertical Promoted Links

Jul 29, 14 SharePoint 2013 Vertical Promoted Links

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One of the most popular and effective out of the box elements of SharePoint 2013 is the promoted links app. You must have seen them. The pretend live tiles that are inserted into every new team site you create in SharePoint 2013. Pretty isn’t it? So this is a great way to get you started. But as research suggests, many...

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Inbox Zero.

Nov 13, 12 Inbox Zero.

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As more communications strive for the holy grail of real time, we are put under more and more pressure to provide instant gratification. People expect real time responses to real time messages. But how do we fit this into our already busy lives. One way to help the constant flow of messages and data is to implement a Inbox Zero approach. This does not mean that you respond to every email you receive instantly, it is more about how you manage the messages and create a process for response times and ensuring the right messages are deal with.

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SharePoint 2010 – A simple Metro style Dashboard.

Oct 25, 12 SharePoint 2010 – A simple Metro style Dashboard.

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SharePoint for all it’s power and flexibility could never claim to be a thing of great beauty. Many SharePoint users spend (in my humble opinion) too much time on the look and feel of SharePoint over getting the architecture right in the first place. But that bug bear aside, here is a simple way to spruce up a SharePoint...

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How to: Min/Max webparts in SharePoint 2010

Oct 16, 12 How to: Min/Max webparts in SharePoint 2010

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It is very easy for a portal or home page in SharePoint to get very busy. You may need to provide information to your users in an easy accessible way, but what if the information is used occasionally, but still required to be visible. An example of this I came across recently was holiday entitlement. It is something that users need...

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