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The metaphor of a pinboard or whiteboard is not a new one. There are many online systems that try to mimic the use of a whiteboard. Personally, my favourite is still the physical whiteboard for ease of use, but you cannot collaborate with people who are in different locations.

This is where Trello comes in. Trello is an online service for collaborating on projects. The process is simple. You create a “Board” to store you project. You then create lists. For instance you might have To Do, In Process and Completed. These would be typical statuses in most task management software. You then add “Cards” to each list. A “Card” is an item, be that a small task or a larger effort. The “Cards” then hold information about the task. Due Date, who is responsible, attached images, files or hyper links, status updates and comments.




Trello is an online collaboration tool that uses the concepts of Boards, Lists and Cards for organising projects, tasks and roles.

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