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Now here is a cool tool to get you up and running. OneNote is a weird hybrid of a product that is designed to create what they call notebooks. It is sold as a note taking application designed for free form writing with the ability to add audio, video, hand written notes, images and all sorts of other goodness. It also has inbuilt collaboration functionality that links up with Microsoft’s Skydrive and the other Live services.

OneNote for the desktop is quite expensive at £69, but well worth it. If you can’t afford the desktop version, do not despair. OneNote is one of the Office webapps available for free from Microsoft. It is a scaled down version, but is functional and enables you to collaborate with other OneNote users. The other major benefit to OneNote is that it is available on all major mobile platforms. It is free on iPhone, Android and the iPad and comes built in on Windows Phone.

So here we go, lets look at OneNote on the web.

As with all Microsoft online services you need a Live account. If you have a Hotmail email then that will act as your Live account. If not simple go to and sign up. One of the good things about the Live account is that you can use an existing email address so you don’t have to create a Hotmail or live email address. (see fig 1.1)


Once you have created your account, you are ready to create your first OneNote notebook. (see fig 1.2)


That is all there is to it. Simple. Now lets look at the parts of a OneNote Notebook. A Notebook is broken down into Sections and Pages. Each Section is made up of a number of pages.


You can them add text and images to your page.


Now come the beauty of the collaboration/sharing:

You can share a Notebook to as many people as you like via a few methods. For a private collaboration you can invite people by their email address or send then a link. You can also share with the world by making the Notebook public and share it via Facebook, LinkedIn or bizarrely MySpace.


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