The Blind Team

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There is a very famous saying when it comes to teams. “There is no I in TEAM” and added to this is the rather more cynical “but there is a ME”. Teamwork is hard, there is no denying it. When any group of people have to work together towards a common goal, there will be challenges. But we can make this process more effective by understanding what a “good team” means.

Are you a team player?

This is one of the most disingenuous questions you could be asked. This is not asking if you get along with other people, or are you able to work in a structured environment sharing information and ensuring there is a clear channel of communication. It actually means, are you able to do what you are told? Can you “play ball” with the people in charge? Will you rock the boat?

Working in a team is not about subordination. It is about creating a positive environment where people can feel they can add value to the outcome, provide input to the solution and be creative with their opinions and ideas. The word Team has been so abused over the years that it can conjure negative thoughts and a restrictive environment for some.

This is an excerpt from a larger article that is in progress which will shed some light on how a modern team can bring benefits to not only the people in the team, but also your entire organisation/project.

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